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Naish X4

Skrevet av Kjetil Johan Iversen
22.01.04 08:29

Naish X4

The X4 is due in the UK in March, the UK?s shipment is leaving the factory about now (Jan 21) and it takes that long to get here !! The Aspect Ratio (that?s AR to Nick Grant) will be about the same as for an X3, if not slightly higher than the X3. But doing a side-by-side comparison with an X3 shows that the X4 has more width in the middle of the kite. The X4 also gas a deeper foil shape, but then becomes very ?skinny?/narrower as it gets to the wing tips.

The kite?s struts are slightly thinner than the X3 and they are all union struts apart from the end-strut. The attachment points are ?hidden? inside the wing tip. The ?buffers? on the outer skin of the kite (adjacent to the struts) are now built into the kite. All valves are exactly the same as the X3. The kite is constructed from the same material as the V4 (ie different to the X3), although it is of a different grade to the V4.

Mark Shinn?s comments on the X4:

The X4 has extra rigidity over the X3, this is from the improved panel layout and the coning of the kite (ie deeper in the middle and thinner at the ends, also the trailing edge is smaller than the leading edge). The X4 has the same power as the V4, but whereas the V4?s power is ?grunty?, the X4 is more ?lifty?. The kite is lighter than the X3 and this is more relevant in the larger sizes.

Whereas the X3 was gruntier than the X2, the X4 has been designed with greater performance that is more accessible to all riders, so the performance is more achievable and incorrect bar inputs are less likely to stall the kite. In addition the X4 has a greater angle of attack, which creates a more balanced kite and flies off both the front & rear lines, whereas the X3 flies more off the front lines only and is better overpowered. So the X4 will naturally fly in the middle of the envelope and the balance of the kite delivers the power through lift rather than grunt.

Robby Naish?s Comments on the X4

Firstly? all other manufactures say their kites do this or that, they depower better, turn better, etc.. well that?s bullsh#t?I have seen and used most brands and know that the kites in the Naish range are better than anything else. The range has been developed with clear demarcation, to enable riders to make an easier decision as to which range of kites to get. The X4 has been designed as a more user friendly kite, with a broader sweetspot than the X3. The panel layout and canopy design have been developed to make the kite as stable as possible. The X4 is basically a big air/power kite, with lifting power rather static power, go for any jump or transition and you will boost higher?