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Naish and North kite test

Skrevet av Kjetil Johan Iversen
21.11.04 14:51

Fra http://www.kiteboarding.be

I did a test of 5 kites this week together in Victoria Australia. The X4, Torch, Aero II and Rhino 05 and 04 14sqm size.

The X4 is a free flowing power kite that provides enthusiastic lift but not the same constant power of the more emdium aspect kites. It can get overpowered in gusty conditions which requires strong legs and quick depower of which is more limited. It is an upwind wonder and is a very good package: Summary key strengths: Upwind ability , jumping

The Torch is much more of a standard medium aspect than the X4. The Torch is very stable in the air and holds a position well anywher in the window. It turns very fast in the upper area of the window but is slight turning at the edges of the window or if not fully powered. It provides a smoother power flow and the bar softens out bumps in power. The 5th line safety system works well. However, it needs to be carefully adjusted to suit the power requirements for each rider individually. The red plastic stopper and knot (near the saftey clip) need to be adjusted to get the the required length of the leading edge lines correct, otherwise there is too much give in the power lines and they adjust their length by flowing through the bar not providing a constant power setting. This is easily adjusted. The Torch feels more medium aspect that the Aero but more stable and better turning, but less direct power. Strengths: Turning, consistency of power

Aero II: A strong medium aspect kite that afforded a solid power flow for most riders. Kite meeds to be set correctly to ensure best relative lengths of turning and power lines to ensure there is no flaring of leading edge tips. Turning under power is good, however less responsive in underpowered conditions. Has surprising lift for a kite that was not designed for it and does hold some good hang time especially in the smaller models. Gets moddy in gusts and sits right back in the window. Strengths: Reliable lift, ease of use

X3: The X3 is a step well below the X4 and in almost all departments does not have the all round power and performance. It has very poor low end power but compensates for this with great upwind and jumping ability. Is a very high aspect kite.The depower is very broad and can be used in a wider range than the x4 however, turning and power are no where near the x4. Strengths: lift, depower

Rhino 04: The Rhino 04 is also a very high aspect kite with weak low end power but extreme lift, fast turning and it really flys well on the edge and almost outside the wind window making upwind and key strength. It is not a stable kite and has to be constantly watched and worked but this is due to its very high aspect. It is similar to the x3, x4 in lift but has a power distribution much closer to x3. Strengths: Upwinder, Amazing lift and hang time

Rhino 05: North went slightly more mid aspect on the Rhino 05 which gives the kite much more stability and they have increased the turing responsiveness. Even though they claim lift is as good , it is not, but the increase in power for each relative size and the turning compensate for the slight drop in lift and hang time. The 5th element is good and is easy to use. Strengths: Stability, all round performance

Hope this is interesting to someone